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Fri December 15, 2017

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Rumph Item Information
Official Name of the Item Unknown Daryle Ann Rumph Signed Teapot
Item Category Decanters & Bottles
Year of Production 1976
Item Description Definitely Hand-Embellished and possibly hand-cast one-of-a-kind teapot by Daryle Anne Rumph. The inspiration for this teapot was the Gilbert & Sullivan Opera "Patience," which premiered in 1881, and/or the Royal Worcester pattern number 870, which came out in 1882. the This piece is Daryle Ann's take or pun on the Aesthetic movement original. This piece is signed by Daryle Ann Rumph and also bears the Mind Circus mark. Her signature is dated 1976. The Mind Circus mark is 1975. Teapot stands a shade over 11 inches tall and is completely as original in photos shown. The brown mark on the back of the head, that is how it was when Teny bought it from Daryle Ann. Circa 1976, Teny paid between $35 and $50 for it. No idea of its current value in mint condition. It is, however, in mint condition. One person, a Rumph collector, estimated $200 to $500, and it could go higher depending on the collector as this would also be of interest to Royal Worcester collectors and Gilbert & Sullivan collectors and Oscar Wilde collectors.
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