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Sat January 20, 2018

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A Jim Rumph Original
A Jim Rumph Original #1
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Added by:
Rod E.
from Santa Monica, CA on 02/14/2003

A Jim Rumph Original


Produced: 1959
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Added on: 02/14/2003
Added by: Rod E. (email me!) from Santa Monica, CA

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My brother, John Edmunds, went to Uni High with Jim Rumph. John used to surf at Malibu and in 1959 he paid Jim five dollars for this drawing. I guess you could call it Jim?s interpretation of the Malibu surfing scene back then. By the way, the drawing, which measures 11 ? inches by 17 ? inches, is also signed on the back; it says ?JIM 1959? in blue ballpoint pen. I learned how to spot this sort of thing from watching The Road Show on PBS. In 1967 John moved to Hawaii where he still lives. He left the drawing behind and I?ve had it ever since. As you can see, it?s not exactly in mint condition. It probably didn?t help to keep it in a frame I bought at an Aaron Bothers Art Mart One Cent Sale. However, it did survive the 1994 Northridge earthquake even though it fell off the wall during all the shaking. I have no idea what it?s worth. So, to honor Jim?s memory, I?m assigning it the completely outrageous value of one million dollars. I wouldn?t part with it for less. On the other hand, if you have any questions or would like any additional information, you can e-mail me for free at

Rod Edmunds
Santa Monica, California
February 14, 2003

Added by Rod E. from Santa Monica, CA on 02/14/2003