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Author Topic: Rumph rarity rating  (Read 630 times)
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« on: December 27, 2019, 08:02:59 PM »

Hello people.

This site rates the Rumph items for scarcity, using a 1-6 star rarity scale. The common 1-2 star items are hard to make a guess about quantities as they were mass produced. Im more curious about the 3-4-5-6 star items.
3=probably less than 100 remain. 4=probably less than 25 remain. 5=only a handful are know to exist. 6=most likely a one of a kind piece.

So, the 3 and 4 star items were not mass produced in Brazil, but made in the Rumph studios and sold at renaissance festivals. Probably formed in a 'mold'. Yes?

The 5 star items are pre production test pieces?...from a mold or hand sculpted?

And the 6 star were Rumphs hand sculpted prototypes?

How were the quantities in the ratings determined? Based on actual data from Rumphs friends and co workers who made them? Or from observing the number of items which become available on ebay?

Of course the numbers are guesses. Ive got 2 scrooge mugs. Supposedly fewer than 25 remain. So, many more than 25 were probably produced (maybe hundreds), but based on how many appear on ebay, the presumption is that many of these mugs were broken or thrown away over the years? Is that how the numbers were derived? Ive been watching ebay for many years and bought 2 scrooge mugs, was outbid on one for sure, and maybe missed seeing a few auctions. As far as i know, no scrooge mugs have appeared on ebay in 3-4 years. But how many sit in boxes or on shelves of owners who dont know what theyve got? How many are in collections? Is 'fewer than 25' a realistic number? Im guessing there are more than 25 in existence, but if youre in the market to buy one then the fewer than 25 number might be realistic.

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