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Thu June 13, 2024

NOTICE: I no longer have time to add items to this site. I encourage you to keep contributing; however I'm not sure if/when I'll be able to get to them.
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Copyright Notice is in no way associated with Jim Rumph or Rumph, Inc. was started as a tribute to Jim Rumph and his creations. is an online catalog featuring pictures and descriptions of copyrighted material. All pictures were obtained in one of the following ways:

  • Taken with my camera of my own pieces in my collection
  • Uploaded through this site by other Rumph collectors
  • Sent to me by other Rumph collectors
  • Copied (and possibly enhanced) from various public websites including is in no way claiming that all pictures are originals that I took of my Rumph pieces. also makes no claims that the items featured in the pictures are original pieces of art created by or its users. All items featured on this website are photographs of items that were created or are believed to be created by Jim Rumph and his affiliates. All of his work, including his literature, is copyrighted by Jim Rumph and Rumph, Inc. The name "The Rumph" was used in some of Jim Rumph's literature and is not claimed to be an original phrase created by "The Hand" is a trademark of and copyrighted by Jim Rumph and Rumph, Inc. has no intentions of taking credit for anything that Jim Rumph created. Everything on this site that can be claimed as copyrighted material by Rumph, Inc. is copyrighted by Jim Rumph and Rumph, Inc. Everything else is therefore eligible for copyright protection and is copyrighted by