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Thu June 13, 2024

NOTICE: I no longer have time to add items to this site. I encourage you to keep contributing; however I'm not sure if/when I'll be able to get to them.
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Old Man Ashtray

Old Man Ashtray

Added by:
M Perez
from Riverside, CA on 10/11/2003

Welcome to THE RUMPH!

THE RUMPH is your exclusive online guide to All Things Rumph. This one-of-a-kind site is attempting to do what no other site has done - catalog (with pictures and descriptions) each and every unique item ever created by the talented Jim Rumph.

About This Site:
Before this site was created, there was virtually NOTHING on the internet that had any information about Jim Rumph or his interesting pieces of art. In fact, there is very little printed material about Rumph or his creations. As a new Rumph collector, I wanted to know as much about Rumph as possible and found almost nothing. Everything about Rumph and his work is extremely hard to find and seems to be kept hush-hush. I figured that the best way to get information about Rumph is to get it from those who share an interest in his work - you, the collector.

How It Works:
THE RUMPH is provided as a service FREE of charge to all you Rumph collectors out there. does not sell products or services in any way. The way it works is quite simple:

  1. You browse through the site to see the Rumph items that have already been contributed.
  2. If you see an item that you feel you can offer better pictures and/or more information on, contribute what you have.
  3. If you have pictures and/or information of items that are missing from THE RUMPH, GREAT! This means you get to add a unique and probably rare item to THE RUMPH.

Intended Audience:
If you're a Rumph collector or thinking about becoming one, I hope this site becomes an invaluable source of reference for you.