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Thu June 13, 2024

NOTICE: I no longer have time to add items to this site. I encourage you to keep contributing; however I'm not sure if/when I'll be able to get to them.
I also encourage you to be active and contribute on our Facebook Page.

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Privacy Policy is committed to honoring and guarding your privacy. collects nothing from you if you're just browsing around the site. only collects personal information from you when you contribute something to THE RUMPH. When you make a contribution, THE RUMPH collects your name, where you're from, and at your option, your email address. We use this information to allow other Rumph collectors to see who has all the rare pieces. We also use this information so we can credit you publicly on with anything that you contribute.

The ONLY personal information displayed to other users on our site is the name you provide us and where you're from, which you also provide. And if you don't want that information published on, simply enter "Anonymous" for your name and a fake location. WE NEVER PUBLISH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO ANYONE OTHER THAN YOU ON OUR SITE! This means you will not get spam from those evil bots and spiders that browse the entire internet gathering email addresses.

If another user wishes to contact you, they can complete a form on which sends you an email containing the message the user entered. The user does NOT get to see your email address during this process. If you decide to reply to the person contacting you, then he/she will be able to see your email address as you will be communicating outside of We only set up the initial contact between the user and the contributor. After that, what you do is your business.

Unfortunately cookies have gotten an undeserved bad reputation. Cookies can not harm your computer. uses cookies as a courtesy to our contributors by not making them type their information more than once. How do we use them? When you provide us your name, where you're from, and your email address, we create a unique entry in our database containing your information. That unique entry is identified by a unique number. We simply set a cookie on your computer with that unique number. That's it - just one number. When you come back to our site, we grab that number from your cookies file and do a database lookup to get the rest of your information. Don't worry, that database is behind a firewall and password protected.

I almost forgot, we never provide, sell, give, or trade your personal information (including your email address) to any person or party. Sometimes websites do give out your email address for financial profit. Well, was created to provide a service to all the Rumph collectors out there. I don't need to make money from this site, as I maintain it as a hobby. Although I might ask for donations to help pay web hosting costs, I never wanted to make money with this site. So your information is safe.