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Tue October 04, 2022

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Commissioned Oil Painting
Commissioned Oil Painting #1
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Added by:
Lee Troxel
from Newfoundland, Canada on 08/25/2005

Commissioned Oil Painting

I grew up with Jim in Pacific Palisades, went to the same schools, and we kept in touch until our early 40's. He remains one of the nicest guys I've known.

I asked Jim to paint this oil for me in 1966. Although he was obviously a talented oil painter, it was not his favorite medium, and as I recall it took some persuading on my part. It includes a couple of cars I owned (the center one being a Maserati 450S) and whatever else Jim perceived as being representative of my life at the time. I played the sax, was an engineer, drank Johnnie Walker, etc.

This is a very rare piece of Rumph artwork for two reasons: First, I believe it is only one of two oils this large. (The other being the great painting Jim did for Bob Baker, which also appears in this section of the website)
Second, it is more or less realistic - ie it does not contain any of Jim's weird and wonderful imagination. Depending on your point of view, this can either be good or bad. But it definitely makes it rare.

Produced: 1966
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Added on: 08/25/2005
Added by: Lee Troxel from Newfoundland, Canada