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Wed August 17, 2022

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Ogre Tankard (also)
Ogre Tankard (also) #1
Added by:
Tony Rosten
from Northridge, CA on 01/27/2009

Ogre Tankard (also)

Lt. Green/beige outer glaze, blue inner glaze. Ogre face with thick clear glaze, rosette on either side and a simple handle. "Rumph" scratched into the bottom and an asterik stamped into the bottom edge.

Produced: ?
Rarity Ranking :
Added on: 01/27/2009
Added by: Tony Rosten (email me!) from Northridge, CA
Current Estimated Value in Excellent Condition: $400-$800

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My wife bought this for me from an antique store in Canoga Park, CA for $5.00. Being a fan of 70's fantasy art (from Crumb to Bakshi movies) she thought I'd think it was pretty cool. Decided to research the name on the bottom, which brought me to this site. Wow. Rumph's rad.
Added by Tony Rosten from Northridge, CA on 01/27/2009