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Thu June 13, 2024

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From Mark Daley

Holly was Jim's very close girlfriend of several years, after he split with DarrylAnn.

In 1977 when Rent became too high on 18th st. Jim, Myself (a custom furniture maker), Marguerite Mcdonald (a ceramasist), and Bettina Ling (fabric artist) found a Building at 2222 S Sepulveda Blvd. We rented this as our new studios. Jim, Marguerite, and myself lived in separate apartments in the buildings. The next five years were a wild ride of many adventures, and a very creative time for Jim.

The Employees picture shows Stuart my brother who worked with us on Sepulveda and Jims sometimes full or part time employees Kent and JPK, and Jim himself.(left to right)Kent and JPK did alot of the castings and painting of the mugs around 1979-80. Jim would do touch up and fine tune.

The Rennasance shot is with jim and friend Sheryl at the fair in full garb. He was a madman there, and knew just about everyone.

Typical Jim when the "doctor is in" via Gin Tonic. This shot was during a navel casting.

Friends of Jim at Sepulveda Studio

Jim's Kiln at Sepulveda

Slyme Factory on 18th Street