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Thu June 13, 2024

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From Mike Peters

Jim Horsing Around - Summer 1973

Jim and Carol Peters (my wife) - Summer 1973

Reunion at Rumph's - May 1979

This is part of our old high school gang.
Back row, left to right:
Mike Mullen - Has not been seen or heard from since this night. He took an executive position with I.B.M. and moved back east somewhere.
Mike Peters (me) - Retired Computer Network Manager for Northrup Grumman, now living in Torrance, CA.
Bob Haskell - Computer Advisor - Died in (approx.) 1973 of a heart attack.
Ed Carter - Played bass & guitar for The Beach Boys for many years, now semi-retired in Scottsdale, AZ, teaching guitar and enjoying family.
Front Row, left to right:
John Walkey - Worked at Noland Paper co., the first of us to get a "real job" after High School - Died in the late 90s.
Jim Rumph - Artist, my best friend, we were both "late bloomers", his goal was "to suck life dry", died in 1993, a victim of a negligent driver.

At my wedding, Jim was my Best Man - 7/29/1967

Jim and Kathy S - 1964 (I think)

Jim and Daryl Ann at the Beach 7/4/1966